Additional safety measures to ensure our guests' peace of mind.


PCR Covid-19 on-site tests now available at Iberostar Hotels in

Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba* and Brazil

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In addition to all the hygiene and safety measures implemented by Iberostar, our guests will now be able to take the PCR COVID-19 test directly at the hotel** for an additional cost, payable by credit card.


Upon arrival, guests will receive the necessary details regarding the testing process and will be able to arrange an appointment. 



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Overall Peace of Mind with Travel At Ease 

In addition to the hygiene and safety measures implemented at all Iberostar properties, we also offer our Travel At Ease Complimentary Assurance package.


Leading in responsible tourism, Iberostar implemented the How We Care initiative including 300+ safety and hygiene measures backed by a Medical Advisory Board and world-renowned accredited institutions.


These actions have created the safest environment possible for guests to enjoy their vacation and take full advantage of the luxurious amenities with the utmost care, providing the personalized attention Iberostar prides itself in. 


Over 98% of guests that were surveyed in Iberostar Hotels stated they are Very Satisfied or Satisfied with the safety measures applied.

Book your hotel stay through your preferred tour operator, call 855-378-9011 or visit iberostarpro.com.

*Cuba : VRA, HOG, CCC & SNU only

**Fees subject to change.

Currently PCR tests will be offered for stays until December 31, 2021. Consult the concierge about the available dates for testing at each hotel.