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Protect the ocean by consuming responsibly sourced seafood

Mexico, the first destination to offer seafood that is 100% from responsible sources

100% of the seafood served in our hotels in Mexico come from responsible sources. This means that we take care of the oceans and fishing communities while valuing gastronomic excellence and local culinary tradition for our guests. We believe that fishing with a positive environmental and socioeconomic impact is responsible.

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Positive environmental impact

We work with seafood suppliers that, among other measures, respect the seasonal closures, use fishing practices that damage the marine habitat as little as possible and promote the sustainable recovery of fish populations.

Positive social impact

To protect local fishing communities and their livelihoods, we encourage them to improve their way of production, helping in their training and performance.

Positive economic impact

The fishing sector provides employment for millions of people, half of whom are women. This is why it is important to secure the existence of fish products in the future, generating income for those who depend on this activity.

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