As our hotels in the Caribbean island are reopening with the utmost care for our guests to enjoy their long-awaited and well deserved Iberostar experience.

Starting September 15 through December 31, 2020, the Dominican Republic government, as part of its Responsible Tourism Recovery Plan, will offer tourists traveling to the island a complimentary travel assistance plan. 

Covering medical assistance in emergency cases, including COVID-19, this insurance is offered to all tourists from all global markets.


  • Monetary assistance in case of a non-pre-existing medical emergency, including COVID-19¹

  • Medical care, including contact with primary care physician

  • In-hospital medical prescriptions ² 

  • Medical transfers ³ 

  • Health repatriation⁴

  • Flight for relative 

  • Fare difference or penalty for return trip

  • Hotel expenses due to hospitalization⁵

  • Repatriation or funeral transfers

  • Legal assistance and judicial bond in case of an accident

  • Coverage of up to 9 consecutive days

  • Valid for passengers up to 85 years old


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Plan available from September 15th to December 31, 2020. Valid for air entry only and applies to hotel tourism only. Does not apply during the roundtrip transfer between airport and hotel. ¹ 10,000 USD. ² Included in the global maximum limit.³ 500 USD. ⁴ 2,000 USD. ⁵ 75 USD daily limit. The following exclusions apply: Chronic and/or pre-existing diseases. Medical care by people or professionals outside the Seguros Reservas network. Incidents that may occur as a result of training, practice, or active participation in all kinds of sports competitions are excluded. Air travel in airplanes not destined or authorized as public transport. Routine and/or preventive checkups or examinations not authorized by Seguros Reservas. Risky acts, recklessness, negligence, illnesses, or injuries derived from dangerous or risky acts of serious recklessness of the Holder. Expenses or services that have not been expressly authorized by the Seguros Reservas network.

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